Model Night II | Femme Fatale DC





And I made it back to Femme Fatale DC for their Model Night II but this time, I came with one of my fav models who just so happens to kill it every time!


If you missed their launch party, go relive the night here

Femme Fatale DC opened their doors for their second model night and we connected with some great people. They provided an open studio space, MUA’s, photographers and clothes of course. What more could you ask for?


Ya’ll, this drink…OMG! @mixinmimi


I LOVED her look

We pulled our pieces from FordamRowe; the unique, hand-made garments made to satisfy your sporty but glam side.

The Look

FordamRowe BomberJennifer Rose Bomber

FordamRowe Bottoms: Black Festival Pants

Earrings: So Me Design



Finding your Purpose | Christina Coleman

“Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change”.


At the age of 23, who can say that they’ve written and published two books, has the title of Miss Glamour USA and is the CEO of a talent and creative business network for women?

Christina Coleman; born and raised in Philadelphia, has always been a determined young women who danced to the beat of her own drum. In 2016, Christina made two decisions that would alter the course of her life; deciding to leave college her senior year to start her first full time job and then resigning 5 months later. No, her parents weren’t happy with her decision but she was. Working on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C and living the life of luxury wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. Anyone else would have settled, but not Christina. She knew she had a lot more going for herself and she wasn’t going to let school or a 9 to 5 stop her from living out her dreams of becoming a model, entrepreneur, writer and motivational speaker.

With more free time on her hands, she’d travel to and from New York City for model castings. Two weeks after she resigned from her job, she received a call back to model in  Kanye West’s YEEZY Season 4 NYFW show. This was a sure sign that she was on the right path in her life’s journey. Christina, now living back with her parents in Philadelphia began to plan her next move. The transition wasn’t going to be easy but she knew it’d be well worth it in the end.


With everything that she had been through throughout her five years of modeling thus far and the everyday struggles of being a young black women in America, she knew that there were other young women going through the same things. Young women who needed the guidance and the support that she didn’t always have and she wanted to fix that. Soon enough, Model Prenur Inc. was born; a talent and creative business network that teaches women how to discover their passion and purpose in life by allowing them to feel comfortable with making their own life decisions. She also wanted to connect them with internship and job opportunities within their desired field. 

Model prenur was a name that stuck with her after her parents merged the two words together to describe her drive and ambition as a model and an entrepreneur.

As her life slowly started to fall into place, the opportunities began to open up. She walked in D.C Swim Week, was featured on HERDAILY.COM and even VOGUE Magazine.



  1. What made you want to take that leap of faith and quit your job to pursue a career as an entrepreneur?

 I was working a great job and living in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods within DC but I was unhappy living paycheck to paycheck and did not feel fulfilled working as a real estate office manager. The spirit inside of me, my intuition, my God voice, future self however you want to call it spoke to me and said it’s time for you to go. I didn’t really have a plan, but I trusted that voice, put in my two weeks notice, moved back in with my parents in Philadelphia. A few weeks later I was modeling for Kanye West and had been featured on

  1. Do you ever regret not finishing school?

I do not regret not finishing school because I never wanted to go to school in the first place. After high school, I was never really given the opportunity to explore nor asked what it was I wanted to do with my life so attending college at the time was for the sake of my family’s satisfaction. However, now that I live for me and what makes me happy I am planning to return to school within the next year to finish my degree for my own feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. This experience is also a reason why I started Model Prenur Inc. a Creative Business Network for Women, to reach out to and speak to young women in high school to let them know that they have options. That college is an option and that education is important but it is equally important to live for their own happiness by starting a career based on what they are passionate about and love to do.

Model Preneur Inc. will hold events starting the Summer of 2018 in the NY, NJ, PA, MD, DC, and VA area and would love to partner with schools and women empowerment groups and organizations to reach young women ages 16-21 so that she may have the time and environment to explore what it is she wants to do with her life, discover her passions and purpose, and grow in the area of personal/professional development. Model Preneur Inc. will then connect these young women with mentors, creative, and business opportunities in her desired field(s) to further explore her interests, receive an internship, and or job position.

  1. What happened in your life that showed you that you were on the right path?

After leaving my job and moving back in with my parents I went through a depression. I was living the broke artist life. I thought I had made a huge mistake, but overtime I began to appreciate starting from scratch because it provided me the space and time to really understand what I wanted to do with my life something four years ago I had never seriously questioned… and thus the idea for Model Preneur Inc. was born! I do not believe there is such a thing as the right or wrong path but everyday when I wake up and have the opportunity to do what I love to do, model, write, speak, create, travel, and inspire then I know that I am on the best path for me and my life! I feel when you can genuinely be happy, with who you are and what you are doing then you know that you are on the best path for you, which only you can decide, ultimately what that is. It took me being stripped of everything down to my pride to understand that it’s not about having stuff and lots of money but life is about being happy, doing what you love to do and having people around you who genuinely love you and support you that really matters!

  1. I’m sure the transition wasn’t easy. What did you do to stay focused on your goals?

It’s tough being a model and entrepreneur,  because everything is totally dependent on you. I am thankful to have my boyfriend, supportive family and friends because they help to keep me grounded. For the past 5 years I have been a personal development junkie and am always looking for new ways to grow by reading, listening to audio books, attending seminars and talking with/learning from other entrepreneurs/business owners. I’ve made and continue to make a lot of sacrifice’s to have created the opportunity to do what I love to do and by no means do I have it all together nor do I have it all figured out but I do know that my life is way bigger than me and my purpose is to be a blessing to others, to inspire young women, and help others get to where the want to be faster than I did or at least point them in the direction of someone who can help them. Also my dreams keep me focused, knowing that I want to travel the world as a speaker, model, and best selling author. Open arts, education, and business centers and open my own spa, fashion, and lounge boutique keeps me focused because I am the one with the vision and I know that my dreams don’t work unless I do!

  1. Tyra Banks or Naomi Campbell? I have to know.

I love my girl Naomi and she slays the runway but Tyra Banks hands down. She is the definition of a ModelPreneur and her decision to attend Harvard Business School inspired me to return to school to finish my degree and go for my masters. You can tell Tyra is passionate about helping women be the best that she can be and changing the idea of what beauty is within the industry to accept and respect all shapes, sizes, shades, and colors and I support that 100%. Tyra is not only beauty and body, but brains and business which I respect about her! I envision myself meeting with and having the opportunity to be mentored by Tyra Banks and Oprah Winfrey!


As Miss Glamour USA, Christina is preparing to travel to Belgium from June 26th to July 3rd to compete in the Miss Glamour International Pageant. With a positive mind and high hopes, she plans to bring home the crown to show women that they don’t have to be perfect or well off to accomplish their goals.

Her platform embraces the mental health issues she struggled with throughout her transition from a full-time employee and college student to freelance model and entrepreneur. She wants to encourage other women to turn their weaknesses into strengths and use them to their advantage, similar to what she did. She wants to inspire young women and point them in the right direction so that they can find their true purpose in life.

By the end of the year, Christina plans to publish another book and travel the world pursuing her career as a model and motivational speaker. She believes in holistic education by catering to the whole person mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. Her lifetime goal is to open a business, art and technology education center continuing her grandparents, Liller and Bill Green, founders of Ivy Leaf School (est. 1965 – 2008) legacy.


Want to keep up with Christina and all her success? Be sure to follow her journey on Instagram at @christinacoleman. You can also download her book of affirmations, “Self Confidence is Self Love” for your daily dose of motivation!



Summer Solstice Sip & Shop Recap






I still can’t believe I did it! From the last minute location change to not getting many ticket sales until the week of, the Summer Solstice Sip & Shop was a success within itself!

If you read my recent post, New Boutique on the Block, then you know that everything was going smoothly until about two weeks before the actual event. The initial location fell through, the DJ was barely paid for AND I still had to figure out where in the hell I was getting 11 tables and 20+ chairs from for the vendors.

Fast forward to Saturday and no one would have ever know the half of what I went through to make this event happen.

This event wasn’t supposed to be this big, but I’m kind of glad it was. As a entrepreneur, I know how hard it is to sell a service/product to people who don’t really understand you or your brand. I wanted to create a space for people like me to be creative and stand behind their vision as an artist.

The word artist isn’t just associated with art but considered to be someone whose skilled at a particular task. Someone who is creative and has the ability to come up with their own ideas and implement them.

I was so unsure of myself through out the entire planning process but God showed me what he was capable of.


Thanks so much for helping out Mo!


The boutique owner and I


Thanks for coming out Tonae

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this event a successful one and to those who came out to support me and the businesses. I am so thankful for my my friends, family, my Stylist United team and the owner, Danny. If it weren’t for you guys, it probably wouldn’t have turned out as great as it did.

The Look

Pink and White Striped Button Up: Illicit Rag Vintage

Yellow Mini Skort: Zara

Silver Metallic Heels: Steve Madden

Special thanks goes to:

Khameron – DJ Damn Kham (@damnkham)

Monique – MUA for the day (@moniquenashae)

Jasmine – Style assistant (@jasi_fe)

Jewel – Model coordinator (@prettyvintage1)

Kelyn – Ticket collector (@kelyngee)

Tonae – Media coverage + social media maven (@tonaelee)

Ria – Model (@_sangriaaa)

Janae – Model (@janae.amberr)

Jordan – Model (@mojo_jojojay)

Lashira – Model (@lashiramone)

Jordan – Brochure + geotag designer (@artbyjlaw_)


New Boutique on the Block | Illicit Rag Vintage





I have a love/hate relationship with vintage clothing but Danny eats, breathes and sleeps all things vintage!

I’ve been following Danny’s fashion journey for a while now and she’s been doing so many great things. She went from selling her vintage finds online, to a weekly pop-up shop at the flee market to now owning her own store front boutique!

She turned an old, deserted thrift store into something fresh, funky and new. She created a space for people to shop her vintage pieces and a hub for people like us, *points to hand* to be creative and express our talents in a way that may not be acceptable every where else. With the help from her friends, she was able to design a space that represented her brand and her style as a vintage stylist/buyer.

I also met one of my favorite fashion stylist who was responsible for dressing the mannequins and the models.


Heyy Alise! @Kreatorstyles


Congrats on your new space Danny! I wish you the best of luck and much success on your new endeavor. And I pray that it is everything that you want it to be and more.



I look like a giant

Believe it or not, God is always working in mysterious ways. Especially during those times when we think he has forgotten about us.

I recently got notice that the location for my upcoming sip & shop fashion show would no longer be available during the times that I had requested. I’ve literally been stressing all week, trying to find a new location with a pool to fit the aesthetic and set the mood for the event. I reached out to club houses, swim clubs, leasing offices and even gardens to check the availability for June 17th. But because it was so last minute, nothing (and I mean NOTHING) was available or it was wayyyy out of my price range.

Check out some photos from our last Sip & Shop here 

If you attended the last sip & shop, then you know that it was really small but was just enough people and vendors for what I was going for. This upcoming event was supposed to be very similar but I ended up getting way more vendors than expected. I even planned a fashion show to showcase the merchandise from the apparel and jewelry vendors. This was turning out to be way bigger than I had planned for but I continued to run with it. I was too deep into the planning to stop now.

After failing to find a place that met MY standards, I couldn’t help but let my emotions get the best of me. I cried, I fussed and I even thought about canceling the event, but during my melt down and slight panic attack, there was a voice in the back of my head telling me that this was only a test.

When I tell you I HATE tests….

But I knew that I didn’t get this far into planning this event for me to cancel it. So I took a step back and thought about who else I could reach out to. And then, it clicked! I had reached out to Danny earlier in the week about being a fashion blogger for her grand opening earlier that week and she had given me her contact information. As soon as I got off of work on Friday, I dialed her number and well, you know the rest.

Next week the party continues!

Join us at our new location, Illicit Rag Vintage Boutique to celebrate all things fashion and fun as we sip and shop with some amazing vendors. They’ll be jewelry, beauty and apparel just to name a few. There will also be a fashion show that will showcase some of the merchandise from the apparel and accessory vendors.

We are bringing you some of the best local businesses in the Baltimore and DMV area that are ready to take over, so don’t miss out!

Check out all the great vendors and purchase your tickets here


A Day with Bae | Robert E. Lee Park 




So, Jordan somehow forgot that we came to this park last summer, but we made it work 🙄

This time around, I brought my camera and took some cool pictures. And I made Jordan take pictures of me which surprisingly turned out really good. Thanks bae!

If you haven’t been to this park, you should go. It’s the perfect place for a date and its extremely relaxing. There is also a playground for kids and a little dog park as well.

Next stop, FOOD!

I was pressed to sit outside so I found this spot in Towson called Bread & Circuses Bistro & Bar. We’re always in Towson, but never noticed this place until now. It was super cute and the art work was really cool too.

By time we got there, the sun was going down and it was chilly so we ended up sitting inside anyway. We didn’t plan on eating much because my mom had cooked dinner so we decided on drinks and appetizers. We got The Summer Winds Dip and the Tuscan Bruschetta. The dip was actually really good with the cucumbers. It gave it a refreshing taste.

The restaurant is super intimate but they do have a bar when you first walk in. For some reason, they only charged us for the food so we got free drinks! 😛

The Look

Striped Off-the-Shoulder Top: Zara

Paige Denim Jeans: Nordstrom Rack (similar)

Cross Body Chain Bag with Tassels: Boohoo (similar)

Baby Blue Faux Suede Mules: Forever 21

No. I am NOT growing dread locks. This is a protective style I did to make my hair curly. I was skeptical about wearing it in public but I actually got a lot of compliments on it. Ironically, I have red faux locs now and am loving every bit of it 😂

We’ve been Busy | Our Weekend Recap




Our sip & shop event was a success!


We were worried about the weather stopping people from coming out but it ended up being a great turn out.

Every guest who was in attendance, shopped and enjoyed themselves.

We really want to thank every one for supporting us and the two amazing vendors, Royaltique and Sky Mints Luxe Fashion Jewelry. If it wasn’t for them and my mom, it wouldn’t have been such a great event.

If you missed this one, no worries. We’ll be hosting another sip & shop event on June 17th with more vendors, more fashion and more fun!


The Look

Floral print maxi dress: Savers Thrift Store

Black lace choker: Forever 21 (old)

Nude strappy heels: SRI Shoes (old)





Congrats to Tula on a successful launch!

Me and Jordan both came out to support Tula on the launch of her brand, Tula Talks Entertainment LLC. We’ve both had the opportunity to work with Tula on a professional level once before so we knew how hard she was working to make this launch an amazing one.

Both Stylist United and Sky Mints Luxe Fashion Jewelry were sponsors so we all met up to show our support!

The Look

PIT denim cold shoulder top: Royaltique

Kondiments tassel choker: Kondiments x Royaltique

Orange Ann Taylor trousers: Thrifted (similar)

Metallic silver sandals: Steve Madden (similar)




Artist: @behumblejames

Artist: @_ifenner


Artist: @msryannkelly

Artist: @akidnamedphilly

 Need I say more?

The room was filled with so much talent. It was hard to get a picture of everything!

If you missed this one, I’m sure they’ll be another one soon. Be sure to follow @behumblejames for updates.

Ladies Night at the H Street Corridor




It was ladies night on Thursday at the H Street Corridor!

I was invited to FemmeFatalDC’s Pop Up Store and Launch Party as a guest blogger and was exited. I NEVER get invited to events as anything. So I was pressed to actually get dressed up and bring my camera that I ended up forgetting at home*rolls eyes*. Thank God for iphones.

This was the cutest wall

I texted my style sista, Tonae and invited her to come along with me. I knew she’d say yes. I packed a small bag the night before and brought everything with me to work. I wasn’t going to feel like going allllll the way back home to get ready so I went straight to Tonae’s house as soon as I got off.

We got to D.C at about 7:50 but didn’t actually get to the event until 8:15. We literally drove around in circles looking for a big enough parking spot. I love D.C but there is never enough places to park.

We finally made it inside of the event and was amazed to see so many girl bosses!

We say “YAS” to these yellow lashes

Who doesn’t love a female DJ?

Each and every vendor offered something unique which made the event that much more fun!

They had the coolest photo booth too! All of the accessories worn were made by Tiger Swan Style.

Thanks FemmeFataleDC for inviting us to be a part of this amazing night with some great “womyn”.

The Look

Ellen Tracy patterned silk top and matching bottom: Savers Thrift Store

Belt: Goodwill (old)

Pink Caged Heels: SRI Shoes (old)

Pink Clutch: American Apparel (old)

The theme of the event was “Mother Nature” so I initially thought “maybe I should wear something floral, long and flowy”. After thinking about my wardrobe in its entirety, I didn’t have anything like that 🤦🏾‍♀️

So I said a prayer and took a trip to the thrift store. At first, I had my eyes cut out for a floor length dress but then I saw this…for just $17! The relaxed feel of this 2 piece set was theme appropriate and extremely comfortable. The mix of colors and the simple pattern made me feel chic and on trend even though it was designed years ago. I love anything vintage!