How to Clean out your Closet with SophisticatedChic

You ever come back home from a long day of shopping and realize that you don’t have any space in your closet for your new things? Even your dresser drawers are filled to the brim. At this point, you realize a change needs to be made.

And by change I mean giving up some of those pieces that you haven’t worn, let alone, touched in years. Those pieces that are just taking up unnecessary space in your closet that is much needed.

No, closet clean out’s aren’t easy. They can be very overwhelming and time consuming especially when you have a ton of clothes and shoes over flowing your closet space. But it’s definitely possible and can be completed in just 5 simple steps!

Keep reading to learn about our closet clean-out process.

Step 1: grab 3 bins or garbag bags and label them “Keep”, “Give Up” and “Maybe”

Organization is key when it comes to cleaning out your closet! Being able to determine what pieces are going and staying will help you to save lots of time and stress.

Step 2: Start from one side of your closet and gradually move to the other side

Pull out each piece of clothing, try it on and ask yourself, “Will I ever wear this?”. If your answer is no, toss it in the “give up” bin. If you’re answer is yes, place it in the “keep” bin. If you have no idea and want to think on it, drop it in the “maybe” bin. Try not to spend no more than 5 minutes on the decision process of each piece. Depending on the size of your closet and the amount of clothing you own, it will take a few hours to finish.

Step 3: After deciding what you’re going to keep, hang each item back in your closet and organize them by like pieces (ex. shirts with shirts)

At this point, your closet should be empty. If you completed the first 2 steps correctly, then you’ll be able to easily determine what pieces are to be hung back in your closet and organized.

Step 4: Create a shopping list of the items you need in order to fill the gaps in your wardrobe

Now that you know what you’re keeping, you can decide what gaps you need to fill in your wardrobe. Go back to your “Maybe” bin and see if any of those pieces can be paired with anything in your closet. This will make it easier for you to determine what to keep and if it can actually be worn with something you already own. From there, you’ll be able to determine what other pieces are needed to complete your wardrobe and add them to your shopping list.

Step 5: Complete steps 1 through 4 with a professional like SophisticatedChic!

The inability to let go and get rid of things that you don’t necessarily need can be an issue when cleaning out your closet alone. Over the years, you may have grown emotionally attached to your clothes because they bring back so many memories or were given to you by someone special. This makes it that much harder to let it go. But with help from SophisticatedChic, we’ll be able to educate you on what pieces you should and shouldn’t keep based on your needs, body type and everyday lifestyle.

A closet clean out should never be done alone. Contact us to for a FREE 15 minute consultation and schedule your first closet clean out today!


Styled by: @sophisticatedchicbrand

Photographer: Crystal Brooks @crystalaegeanb


Four Ways are Better than One | How to Stretch your Closet

Versatility is key when it comes to balling on a budget, which is what most of us are doing in our early 20’s. We all want to look like we’ve “got it” when we actually don’t. But who wants to go broke while doing it?

This week we’re discussing how to style one piece of clothing, four different ways. The ultimate way to save money, while still looking very chic. Keep reading for some easy style tips and tricks for styling this mesh 2-piece dress from Baltimore’s very own, Royaltique.

All Black Everything

(This should be easy)

This look will take you from desk to dinner in a flash. Black is the classiest color of them all and is seen in every women’s closet. Grab your favorite pair of black wide leg trousers or cigarette pants and layer this sheer little number right over top. Tuck in the white tee shirt underneath to accentuate your waist and hips.

Metallic Funk

(This isn’t for everybody)

For those of you who have a fun personality and enjoy being the center of attention, show out with this funky look.

Pair the same top with a skirt. Here we styled the the white/lavender sheer top with a metallic, gold skirt for a funky vibe.

School Days

(Easy, breezy, comfortable)

img_5287-1_33660861322_o (1)

Fall is coming and the only way to transition into the new season is with transitional peices. Layer a light jacket over top for those chilly days. Or switch out the white layering tee for a simple, long sleeve turtle neck for the ultimate fall look!

Crazy. Sexy. Cool

(Classy not trashy)


When in doubt, remove the bottoms for the go-to GNO look and the perfect date-night ensemble. This look is super easy and very tasteful. If you don’t want to show a lot of skin, slip on a pair of leggings and some knee high boots.

Investing in transitional pieces like this really helps to build the foundation of your wardrobe. But being able to find clothing that falls into the category of every season can be a tricky task. Not too sure how to go about finding pieces like these? SophisticatedChic can help.

We specialize in one-on-one shopping sessions where we not only shop for you but also educate you on what colors, styles and brands for your body best. Interested? Be sure go leave your information below and we’ll get in touch with you!

All looks styled by: SophisticatedChic

The Best Times to Shop 

Man listen, shopping has always been one of my favorite hobbies! But when the prices aren’t right and the selection isn’t quite there, the experience is just pointless.

If you’re a savvy shopper like me, than you’re always looking for a good deal. Shopping out of season has been known as the secret to success in fashion. Because retail stores are always ahead of the game, you have to stay somewhat behind to get more bang for your buck.

Keep reading for some of the best times to shop for clothes.

End of the Season

We all know they’re four seasons in the year but we really only shop for two. In the world of fashion, we combine spring/summer and fall/winter. I’ve worked in retail for over 4 years and caught on to how everything works.

When a season is ending, say winter, almost everything from puffy coats to gloves go on sale. This is an easy way for the stores to make room for the upcoming spring season and the perfect time to get a deal on a puffy coat.

Back to School

Even if you aren’t a student, it doesn’t hurt to catch those September sales on those last minute summer pieces and a few fall must-haves. Most department stores have “back to school” sales to help prepare students for the school year.

Depending on where you live, the weather can still be very warm during this time. So, I tend to gravitate more towards transitional pieces that can be worn now AND in the fall when the weather breaks.

Day after a Holiday

Great deals are always being promoted leading up to and during a holiday but what about the day after?

Black Friday and December 26th (the day after Christmas) are one of the biggest days of the year to shop retail. Just about everything in the stores is marked down and customers are also returning and exchanging those Christmas gifts they didn’t want.

During this time, most of the department stores and malls are flooded with people, so if you want to avoid the long lines go early! Most people are usually on vacation so they want to sleep in. This is the perfect time to make your move. Try starting your day around 8am to get in and out before the crowd surfaces.

Shopping online is also a great way to avoid dealing with lots of people.

If that wasn’t enough, here are a few of the best months of the year to go shopping for specific items!

The best month to buy a winter coat

  • January

The best month to buy sneakers

  • November and April

The best month to buy a suit

  • January

The best month to buy a swimsuit

  • September

The best month to buy jeans

  • October

Need to go shopping but don’t really know what to look for? SophisticatedChic is doing 3-hour shopping sessions for just $75. Let’s take a trip to the mall and fill the gaps in your wardrobe.

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5 Tips on how to stay Afloat in the Fashion Industry 

Lights, camera, ACTION!

The fashion industry is all one big show titled “Misconception”, starring Instagram pictures of parties full of celebrities, photo shoots and flashy labels.

From the outside looking in, this industry can seem very intimidating and cruel, which is somewhat true. But the good times definitely outweigh the bad once you actually make a name for yourself.

So, how do you survive on your journey to the top? Continue reading to and take notes on my top 5 tips on staying afloat and in formation with the ever so changing fashion industry.

1. Build Relationships

Making connections with people in this industry is crucial. Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been collaborating with different photographers, models, MUA’s, you name it. The more I put myself out there, the more people I met and was able to work with. Here are a few things that I did to build my network in the past 6 months:

– Attend fashion related events (fashion shows, mixers, launch parties, ect.)

– Follow and engage with people on social media

– Keep in touch

If you focus on actually building strong relationships, instead of adding the next person to your book of clients, the business will come. I decided to learn that the hard way. When you leave a good impression with someone, they’ll be excited to work with you again and refer you!

2. Do your Research

I always have trouble with this one. As a fairly new entrepreneur, I don’t know everything. But with technology, almost everything I need to know is at my finger tips. If you don’t know the answer to something, GOOGLE IT . I know sometimes Google isn’t always accurate but it’ll do.

Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts and have been learning so much about business and how to be successful at what I do. I could never finish a book so podcasts are perfect for a busy entrepreneur like me. I listen to them in the morning on my way to work, during work and even after work. Whenever I have free time, I’m listening and learning how to be a better business women. If you’re into podcasts, here a some of my favs:

Table Talk with Tottie hosted by Natasha “Tottie” Weston

Brand you like a Boss hosted by Natasha “Tottie” Weston

Black Girl Boss Podcast hosted by Tatum Temia and Milan Mobley

3. Be Consistent

I know this one can be hard when you’e balancing a 9-5 along with you business and all that comes with it. They never said it would be easy but trust me, with all these new apps out there, it isn’t as hard as you think.


– This is the perfect way to stay relevant on almost all social media platforms! I’ve been using this app for about 4 months and it has definitely helped to grow my engagement and my following. Having the ability to schedule social media posts ahead of time is a life saver. With all that you may have on your plate, you don’t always have time to think of a caption, tag everyone involved AND post a photo at the perfect time. It can definitely be a lot.


– I recently just came across this app and its definitely a gem. After listening to the “Table Talk with Tottie” podcasts and following her on all her social media handles (what? I wanted to be in the loop), I received a direct message from her on Twitter. I thought it was actually her until I saw that it was created through an app called Crowdfire. From there, I did some research and found out that it was like a mini marketing team. They track your social media analytics, allows you to post related articles and post them on all your connected social media accounts at the best time. How cool is that?


– One of my model friends actually put me onto this app and I’ve been using it ever since. Thanks Lashira! I always enjoyed using a filter every once in awhile but now, I’m really into photoshop and making sure each photo is pristine and up to my standards. It’s use friendly and lots of cool features to play around with.

4. Ask for Help

I’m the type of person that thinks I can do EVERYTHING on my own and I’m sure I’m not the only one. I confide in google, webinars and blogs to gain more knowledge on what it takes to be a successful but that just isn’t enough. If you’re anything like me, then I’m sure you follow lots of successful people on social media that live in your area and/or state so REACH OUT TO THEM!

They were once in your place and I’m sure they are willing to help you be as successful as them. Being able to pick the brain of someone who you look up to in your industry is gold. Don’t be afraid to ask them personal questions and what they did to get where they are today. 9 times out of 10, they’ll be happy to answer the laundry list of questions you have…if they have the time.

Learn from the people around you who are doing it right and follow their tactics.

5. Use your Resources

I’m still getting used to this one. I always found myself with a laundry list of excuses about why I couldn’t do something or reach out to someone. It took me awhile to realize that I was the only person stopping myself from doing what I wanted to do with my business.

I know it can be a little discouraging nowadays with social media and seeing everyone “living the life” you want or are working towards. But you don’t know their story and they don’t know yours.


Want to build your portfolio? Plan your own photo shoots. Need a photographer? Use your phone to take your photos. Need a model? Be your own model or connect with a friend who wears the same size as you that can for your clothes.

You don’t always have to spend a bunch of money to accomplish what you need done.

These 5 tips were created through personal experience and many failed attempts. Everyone’s journey is different so these tips may or may not work for you but they definitely worked for me. The life of an entrepreneur is all about trial, error and patience so enjoy the journey while it lasts.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are“.

– Natasha  “Tottie” Weston

The Look

White Dress: Royaltique

Floral Handbag: TJ Maxx (old)

Shoes: JustFab (old)

Gold Hoops: ALDO Accessories (old)

A Moment in Song with Roundaboutvids

Jordan was asked to be a muse for Roundaboutvids “Moment in Song”.

Roundaboutvids “Moments in Song” asks people one simple question, “What are you listening to?” They believe that you can learn a lot about someone and their experiences based off of the music they love. They aim to show that no matter where we come from, what we do, or what we look like, music has the ability to bring us together.

It was extremely hot that day so I put Jordan in a pair of shorts. I had him wear his “ArtbyJlaw” shirt to represent his brand and to add a little personal touch. I was skeptical about the jacket but I felt like it finished off the look. It was his style but somewhat different than what he was used to.

Did you like your overall look?

Jordan: I loved it! I never really thought about combining a light jacket with shorts. That was really new for me. I also liked that you chose to also incorporate my brand in the look with the “Artbyjlaw” tee. 

Check out his interview and playlist here

Ria was also asked to participate. This was a piece of cake seeing that I’ve worked with her on multiple occasions. The photo shoot took place outside so I put her in a sneaker. The leather skirt I bought fit her perfectly and went well with the scenery. The pop of color in her lip and her headband gave her a sultry but playful look.

Did you like your overall look?

Ria: I loved my look! I think you did  great job pairing the skirt with my Huaraches. I mean I was sweating bullets but we didn’t know the shoot was outside. The style fit me well. You can turn something out of nothing which is why I like working with you. 

Check out her interview and playlist here

After the shoot, they sat down with Julian, one of the members of Roundaboutvids for an interview. They each discussed their meanings behind the songs they chose.

I had a great time styling these two. The concept was extremely creative and their playlists are dope. Be sure to follow Roundaboutvids for the next “Moment in Song” interview!

The History of Wardrobe Styling and why it’s Important 

You ever look at a celebrity and wonder who picked out their outfit? Like, who is responsible for creating this masterpiece of a look?

Wardrobe stylists are the musketeers of fashion. We have the power to portray whatever image you may want to the world by simply piecing together garments. TV hosts, mom’s and even musicians are always in need of our help.

But it wasn’t always like this…

“Styling a shoot is almost like producing a movie. Casting hair, makeup, location – all the ingredients are essential to bring the story to life.”

– Elissa Santisi

Let’s take it back to the early 1970’s when image consulting was first created. Before this time, it was pretty much seen as a foreign act and only considered normal to celebrities and politicians. People who weren’t on TV everyday or weren’t well known, believed that image consulting was a luxury and not a need. But as time went on, everyday people became more aware of their appearance, and the need for styling went from nonexistent to extremely popular.

As the public began to grow an obsession with fashion, style entrepreneurs such as John Molloy took full advantage. His popular style guide “Dress for Success” gained much international notice during a time when both men and women began to care more about their overall appearance and yearned for guidance from an expert.

“Look fabulous. You are trying to explain what you are thinking by what you are wearing.”

– Camilla Nickerson

As the 1980’s approached, image consulting firms began to increase; offering services to everyday individuals who wanted a more star-like image.

Since this was such a new market, only a few firms were open to the public which made it a lot easier for them to monopolize. Celebrities began to not only hire image consultants for red carpet events and public appearances but also for their everyday wardrobe needs. This change brought much light to what we now know as the wardrobe stylist.

“Life’s too short to wear boring clothes.”

– Carly Cushnie & Michelle Ochs

Today, wardrobe styling is one of the most popular and emerging professions in the fashion world globally. It is simply known as someone who selects the clothing and accessories for published editorials, print or TV advertising campaigns, music videos, performances, and any other public appearances made by celebrities, models and/or public figures. But wardrobe styling has emerged into many other types of of styling that most people fail to realize.

Personal Styling

  • involves providing advice or assistance to clients on how to improve their image by selecting clothing and accessories that complement their figure and skin coloring and are suitable for their lifestyle. This can also involve taking clients on shopping trips and selecting clothing items for clients to wear to events etc., providing advice on skin care, hair style, self esteem, beauty treatments and etiquette. Personal styling is the basis of all other areas of styling. It is also known as image consulting, personal shopping and celebrity styling.

Editorial Styling

  • involves conceptualizing and organizing the photo shoots for the pages in fashion magazines and other media publications. This may also involve selecting items to appear in fashion product pages for magazines and writing articles on personal style, fashion trends etc. Here you will find yourself working closely with photographers, art directors, designers, artist managers, and fashion editors.

Video/Commercial Styling

  • involves styling models or actors/actresses for advertising commercials, film clips, industrial and educational videos. This could be anything from selecting the wardrobe item to coordinating the shoot – selecting the locations, models, makeup artists and even the photographer. 

Show Styling

  • involves organizing events and fashion parades. This could involve public speaking/comparing, working backstage at fashion parades, selecting models, organizing the running order, selecting garments and/or accessories, selecting the venue, developing the event concept, dealing with the media, photographers, and PR companies.

“Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you.”

– Ralph Lauren

Stylists are seen as trendsetters. And because of our close relationships with designers and boutiques, most of us have an “early access pass” to their inventory which allows us to stay ahead of the fashion game.

Depending on the occasion, our main goal is to make our client’s style memorable, in a good way of course. From red carpet events to speaking engagements, stylists do more than dress people. We create an image that sticks.

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers, and style is what you choose.”

– Lauren Hutton

Some people think stylists aren’t important. Why spend money on a stylist when you can dress yourself, right? Well, just like teachers, stylists educate and inform their clients of ways to dress for their body type, their complexion and their age. Google doesn’t offer you one-on-one shopping sessions that show you how to shop while also staying within your budget. Google also doesn’t tell you what looks good on you and what doesn’t. Trust me, Google doesn’t have all the answers.

Fashion is and always will play an important part in everyone’s life no matter if your’e Beyonce or the manager at Applebees. Your appearance is important and if you look good, you feel good!

If you’re currently in need of a stylist or just need some fashion advice, let SophisticatedChic show you the way!

Send us an email at or schedule you’re 30 minute consultation today!

Schedule your consultation HERE

The Look 


Nude and Yellow Floral Applique Dress: Royaltique (not yet available)

Blush Adidas: DSW

Baby Pink Clutch: American Apparel (old)

Gold Hoops: ALDO (old)

Be Encouraged Tour | The Look




It’s 3pm on Sunday and I get a notification from Ticketmaster with a reminder about the Chance the Rapper concert….

I can’t believe I forgot! Me and Jordan bought these tickets FOREVER ago. Thank God for calendars 🤦🏾‍♀️

The Look 


I know nothing about baseball lol


All the Orioles fans were hating

Bleached Tee: ADayNJune 

Clear Orange Shades: StayxShaded

Navy Blue Trousers: Worthington (gift)

Converse: SRI Shoes (old)

Navy Stripes Crossbody Bag: Thrifted (old)

I found this cool shirt at the recent “Birthday Mixer and Label Release” that took place at ADayNJune in celebration of their 1 year anniversary. I’m always pulling clothes for photo shoots but haven’t really had a chance to find anything for myself. So when Lindsey told me she was having another event, I knew this was the perfect time to support!

The Look 

Denim Pom Pom Dress: Forever 21 (sold out)

Black Ripped Jeans: Nordstrom Rack (old)

Black Cut out Sandals: Uptown Cheapskate

Grey Suede Monogram Clutch: Mark & Graham (gift)

She actually gave me a sneak peak of this new bleached tee shirt and hat line when I visited her boutique a few weeks ago and I fell in LOVE. My style is very clean and chic but sometimes I like to spice it up a little. When I saw this red “Boston” vintage baseball tee, I knew it was perfect.

Congrats Lindsey!

I wish you much success with your boutique. I’ll probably be contacting you in a couple of weeks to pull 😂