Top 5 Reasons Why you Need a Stylist

If I had a dollar for every person who told me they didn’t have a budget for a stylist, I’d be rich!

As luxurious as it sounds, a personal stylist can be of help to anyone who wants to present their best selves to the word. There are so many men and women out there that are constantly attending events, being interviewed and speaking as panelists’ in front of thousands of people with the same stuffy black suit they wore to the last event. No shade (all shade) but who is going to remember you? It’s okay to ask for help when it comes to your image.

I understand that time is of the essence when it comes to those of you who are constantly on the go from one event to the next. And we’re sure procrastination is at an all time high when finding the perfect look for your next event. So why not hire a professional to do the work for you?

Keep reading for our top 5 reasons why you need to hire a personal stylist!

1. Are you scrambling for an outfit at the last minute?

We all hate that moment when we’re asked to attend an event and have absolutely nothing to wear. And of course waiting until the day of doesn’t help.

With the help of SophisticatedChic Styling, we plan ahead. We make sure that your entire look is complete and that it fits properly. During our closet cleanse or private shopping session, we start from the root of the issue. We figure out the overall problem and come up with a solution. We figure out why you gravitate towards specific colors and styles, what parts of your body you like to conceal and even determine your body type. This is all key information we need to properly shop for you and pick out items that can be worn to on multiple occasions, multiple different ways. That way, you aren’t stressing out at the last minute about what to wear to your next speaking engagement and/or event.

2. Are you wearing the same outfit to every event?

Wearing the same outfit to every event is probably the easiest way to be remembered by your audience but not in a good way. 

No matter what, people are always watching you. 

So we’d suggest finding a signature style. Not sure what yours is? As your stylist, we’ll help you pick something that you feel comfortable in and that’s easy to incorporate in each of your looks.

3. Does your outfit wash you out in photos?

Being able to find the right colors and shades of colors that look best with your complexion can be extremely challenging. Just because you like a color, doesn’t mean it was meant for you to wear it. It all starts with your under tones and deciding what category you fall under (warm, cool or neutral). 

Well, as your stylist, we’ll determine what shades and colors best suit your skin tone and then use your one-of-a-kind color palette to choose the proper pieces of clothing for you.

4. Do you find yourself overspending on last minute outfits?

We know. This happens to the best of us. Why go broke spending money on the same pieces that everyone else is wearing when you can put that money towards a stylist to find you an unique look that’s within your budget?

The mall doesn’t have everything. Sometimes, you’ve got to look elsewhere if you want to stand out. Sometimes, it’s good to have a different perspective on fashion to introduce you to some new things.

Let us do your shopping for you and put you in a look that you’ll love and want to wear more than once.

5. Are you having trouble finding clothes that flatter your figure?

We’re all made up of different shapes and sizes meaning that we all can’t wear the same things. We’ll take your measurements and determine your body type. 

By determining your body type, we’ll be able to educate you on what styles work best for your shape and your lifestyle. This will make your shopping trips less stressful and more fun! 

Have I convinced you into investing in a stylist yet? If so, schedule your FREE 15 minute consultation and let’s chat!

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