Darling, What if you Fly | My First Speaking Engagement

What’s getting in the way of you getting started? For me, it’s fear. Fear that I won’t be as great as I imagined. Fear that my audience won’t be as receptive as I want them to be. Fear that I will fail. On Sunday, I overcame one of my fears.

I took a trip to Philly to speak in front of a small group of women about the obstacles I’ve faced and still are facing during my entrepreneurial journey. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect but I was very pleased with the outcome.


Dominique Danielle, a local, Philadelphia based fashion designer inspired me and all the young women in attendance to just go for it. She believes that whatever you want to accomplish in life can be done with just a little faith and hard work. She taught us the difference between our talents and gifts and showed us how to keep our fears from getting in the way of our end goals.


One of my fears is public speaking. I purposely took on this speaking engagement to help challenge myself. One of my goals is to be able to speak to both men and women entrepreneurs about the struggles of their journey and how to overcome them. Being able to tell my story (even though this is just the beginning) to others going through similar situations helps me to see how far I’ve come and to show my audience that all the hard work, blood, sweat and tears will eventually pay off in the end.

But I wasn’t the only speaker at the workshop. I sat alongside Sheri, the founder of Beautiful Beast Networking. She too spoke words of wisdom into me and everyone in the room. She told us about her life as a momprenuer and how she juggles her work life balance.

Her story opened up the room for a few guests to share a little bit of their story and how they’re dealing with their life struggles. One thing that we could all agree on is hating our day jobs. One person even mentioned how she barely sees her daughter due to working so much but she can’t leave because it helps to pay the bills. I could definitely relate. It’s hard to step away from something that is helping to fulfil your needs.


Take Aways:

  • Humble yourself

Don’t let the job work you, work the job. Even though you’re not where you want to be, continue to work hard and make the best out of your situation no matter what and good will come out of it.

  • Change your mindset

Yes, you may hate your job but you’re there for a reason. Learn your purpose and use your resources to help get you where you want to be. Take what you can to invest in yourself and your business.

  • Don’t let your fears stop you

You can accomplish what ever you want in life. Do what you have to do; invest in a business coach, a mentor and/or a accountability partner to keep you motivated.


Be sure to keep an eye out for the full recap video coming to the blog soon!



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