How I Survived my 21 day Financial Fast 

It’s finally OVER!


Despite my usual complaining, it actually wasn’t that bad. On October 1st, I joined my church in their financial fast which consisted of 21 days of only spending money on necessities. For me, those necessities were:


– gas

– bills

– weekly tithes

So what about food, you ask? Well, we were allowed to go grocery shopping but only if we took out cash to spend. Studies show that swiping your card causes you to spend up between 12-18% more money compared to actually using cash.

Credit Cards Make you Spend More: Studies

As a 23 year old whose still living at home, working two part-time jobs while also juggling a small business on the side; saving hasn’t always been the easiest thing to do. So in order for me to see the results I wanted to see, I knew I had to hold myself accountable.

How did I do it?

Thankfully, my bills only consists of my two school loans with one being due at the beginning of the month and the other towards the end. Ironically, I had paid off my credit card debt right before starting the fast which helped to eliminate one less bill. My tithes fluctuated depending on how much my check was that week. As for food, my mom cooked every night which turned into lunch the next day and I made a habit of filling up my tank right before it hit the half way mark.

What didn’t I do?

I didn’t go out to eat, I avoided the mall and online shopping at all costs and I didn’t hang out with my friends as much. I kept myself busy with work to alleviate my mind from wanting to spend. I also put away $50 every week into my savings account.

Week 1: The first week was a breeze. I still had some cash on hand so I was able to go out for a drink (that I desperately needed) with a friend for her birthday and I hung out with my boyfriend.


Week 2: By now, I had ran out of cash but was able to put gas in my car. I assisted with a few fashion shows and attended an event where everything was complimentary. But it was my moms birthday so I ended up swiping my card for a gift AND took some cash out for the weekend that I ended up spending on a birthday card, food and gas.



Week 3: It’s pay week again and the fast is almost over. I haven’t swiped my card all week and have been paying my tithes consistently since I started the fast.



The fast ended on Saturday and I was able to save $150 in just 3 weeks! That may not seem like a lot but for me, it’s a start. Would I do it again? YES. I’m actually thinking of adding it into my routine every 2 months. Overall, I’m very proud of myself. I didn’t spend any unnecessary money. I literally stuck to the rules and only spent money when needed.

If you struggle with saving money and notice that your bank account is always low, you should try the financial fast. The rules can be altered to fit your lifestyle. But if you’re strictly spending money on just your needs and holding yourself accountable, you’ll definitely see some results!




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