Third Times a Charm | Sip, Create & Shop Recap




Who’d ever thought I’d have three successful events all in one year? Not me!


I originally started having these events to make a little extra money on the side (multiple streams of income is the secret to success). But I didn’t really understand what I gotten myself into until just now. The process was very stressful and there were a lot of things and people that got in my way but thankfully, I overcame those obstacles and was able to bring my crazy visions to life.


This particular event was catered to small business owners who made everything by hand. From jewelry to body scrub and hats, there was no question that their pure talent was a gift from God. So, it had to be celebrated. I specifically hand picked each vendor who I knew would professionally represent my brand and theirs in the right way. Not one vendor sold the same type of products or services. Their uniqueness set them a part from each other which helped to make this specific event so special.

Now, not every vendor created their own products. There were a couple of brands that I knew I couldn’t have this event without. Their high quality products and designs were the perfect balance to Sip, Create & Shop.

DSC_0239DSC_0241DSC_0130DSC_0140DSC_0215DSC_0134 (1).JPGDSC_0136DSC_0144


Fancy Free Hair

Jacob Heath Jewelry

Smelanin Fresh & Art-ish

Fly Nerd Apparel

Creatively Mindful

With These Hands

Eye Imagery

Khemistry Designs

Even though I was expecting a bigger crowd, this event was definitely my favorite. In the beginning, I was beating myself up a lot, wishing things would have went a little bit differently but my friends and family continued to prove me wrong. All the feedback I received during and after the event was heart warming. As I was taking a picture with one of my favorite female photographers, she was in awe that I got all these people together in one place. “See how much power you have”? she said.

You really don’t notice how much of an impact you have on others until after the fact. Being able to bring like-minded people together to connect and potentially collaborate is a powerful thing.


Thank you to everyone for coming out and supporting SophisticatedChic’s third event and all the amazing vendors who participated.

A special thanks to Danny, the owner of Illicit Rag Vintage boutique, for allowing me to take over her space yet again. Thanks to Ryen, my wonderful media correspondent, for traveling all the way from NY to help a sister out. Thanks for Mo, the amazing videograpaher for agreeing to be a part at the last minutes and thank to Chuk, my personal photographer for capturing all the of photos you see above and the cool recap video. I really couldn’t have done it without you guys!


The Look

Pink crochet dress: Illicit Rag Vintage

Pink tassel earrings: Netty’s Glitz

Black/silver block heel sandals: Justfab

Photographer: Chuk @_reign_supreme

Videographer: Mo @shotbymlb

Media correspondent: Ryen @ryenwatkins

Be sure to check out our guest bloggers full recap on her blog “The V Way“!


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