The Best Times to Shop 

Man listen, shopping has always been one of my favorite hobbies! But when the prices aren’t right and the selection isn’t quite there, the experience is just pointless.

If you’re a savvy shopper like me, than you’re always looking for a good deal. Shopping out of season has been known as the secret to success in fashion. Because retail stores are always ahead of the game, you have to stay somewhat behind to get more bang for your buck.

Keep reading for some of the best times to shop for clothes.

End of the Season

We all know they’re four seasons in the year but we really only shop for two. In the world of fashion, we combine spring/summer and fall/winter. I’ve worked in retail for over 4 years and caught on to how everything works.

When a season is ending, say winter, almost everything from puffy coats to gloves go on sale. This is an easy way for the stores to make room for the upcoming spring season and the perfect time to get a deal on a puffy coat.

Back to School

Even if you aren’t a student, it doesn’t hurt to catch those September sales on those last minute summer pieces and a few fall must-haves. Most department stores have “back to school” sales to help prepare students for the school year.

Depending on where you live, the weather can still be very warm during this time. So, I tend to gravitate more towards transitional pieces that can be worn now AND in the fall when the weather breaks.

Day after a Holiday

Great deals are always being promoted leading up to and during a holiday but what about the day after?

Black Friday and December 26th (the day after Christmas) are one of the biggest days of the year to shop retail. Just about everything in the stores is marked down and customers are also returning and exchanging those Christmas gifts they didn’t want.

During this time, most of the department stores and malls are flooded with people, so if you want to avoid the long lines go early! Most people are usually on vacation so they want to sleep in. This is the perfect time to make your move. Try starting your day around 8am to get in and out before the crowd surfaces.

Shopping online is also a great way to avoid dealing with lots of people.

If that wasn’t enough, here are a few of the best months of the year to go shopping for specific items!

The best month to buy a winter coat

  • January

The best month to buy sneakers

  • November and April

The best month to buy a suit

  • January

The best month to buy a swimsuit

  • September

The best month to buy jeans

  • October

Need to go shopping but don’t really know what to look for? SophisticatedChic is doing 3-hour shopping sessions for just $75. Let’s take a trip to the mall and fill the gaps in your wardrobe.

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