The Power of Personal Branding

“Every human being is a brand – the way you socialize, who you know, what you say”.

– Jerry Seinfeld

Your personal brand is how you appear to the world. It is who you are and what you represent. Everything from your social media handles, the pictures you post + share and even how you treat and work with others are all a part of building a successful personal brand. Once people actually know who you are and are capable of identifying you as the person you want to be known for, then you’re on the right path!

But how do you get to that path? Or if you’re on the path, how do you know if you’re going in the right direction? Well, I’m here to break down a few tips on how to successfully build your personal brand as a millennial entrepreneur.

1. Be visible and accessible

I used to think it was cool to see people post photos every other week because they were just way too busy to be on IG every second of everyday like everyone else *in my snobby, rich ppl voice*.


Yea, no. If you’re running a business nowadays, social media is your best friend. Your audience wants an update every 5 seconds so they can keep tabs on your where abouts. From new arrivals to updates, everyone is always looking for something fresh. Being able to stay visible and available isn’t always easy but there are plenty of ways to keep in touch with your fellow audience when you’re not logged in.

– Convert your page into a business page

This makes it easier for people to contact (email/text/call) you even when you’re not on social media

– Try to post something (picture or video) atleast once a day

I’ve heard that IG stories get more views then an actual post. Try it!

– Turn on your notifications

So when you’re not physically logged in, you’re still connected.

2. Build your online presence

How are you appearing to your audience? Are you posting/sharing articles that relate to who you are and what you do in the best way possible?


If you hesitated, then your answer is probably no. Here is an easy tip. Start with cleaning up your bio. Make sure that it includes:

– Your name (at least your first name)

– What you do (blogger, publicist, photographer ect.) Try to keep this at a minimum of 2 to 3. You don’t want a whole list of occupations cluttering that small space

– A point of contact (email/phone number/address of business)

– Link to website

If you’re a business/business owner and you don’t have a website with all of your contact information, stop reading this post right now and create one. Even if you’re not a business, but you plan to collaborate with other people in your industry, a website is crucial. Brands should have something to look at in order to put a face to a name other than a simple photo on Facebook or IG.

Having a website gives you way more control over your online presence than social media.

3. Speaking engagements

I haven’t mastered this skill just yet but I can kill an email when the opportunity presents itself.


Being able to professionally communicate with people in and outside of your industry is important. There are going to be plenty of times when people reach out to you via email wanting to collaborate and it’s always best to know exactly what to say and how to say it.

Public speaking isn’t easy for everybody but it comes naturally to those who practice. I plan to enhance my speaking skills by the end of the year….

4. Be yourself because everyone else is taken

Being yourself has to be one of the easiest things a person can do. But if you don’t know who YOU are, then it can be difficult.


People are attracted to authenticity. You don’t want to be known as the girl or guy who acts a certain way on social media and then completely different in person. It’s impossible to grow an audience that way.

Simply be yourself. Let your audience know what really happens in your life. Tell them true stories and experiences you’ve been through. Being able to relate to your target market is key.

The Look

Romper: Love Culture 

Purple Mules: Urban Outfitters (old)


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