The Real MUA’S of D.C




625 H Street NE

Washington, D.C

God works in mysterious ways.

I made it a goal of mine to reach out to at least 5-10 potential clients every week in the month of July. I was on a mission to build my book of clients and this was one of my master plans. As I scrolled through my timeline, I came across Ty Cobb. I’ve actually been following Ty since the first Indi-fashion week event I attended last year in D.C which didn’t really turn out as planned. But I always thought she was a boss!

She was constantly hosting events, ran her own Youtube channel and seemed like she was pretty well known in the D.M.V area. Seeing that I lived in Baltimore and didn’t have much luck with traveling to D.C for networking events, I didn’t think I would be seeing her much.

As I looked through her IG pictures and videos, I knew she’d be the perfect person for me to reach out to. With her busy schedule, I’m sure a personal stylist was much needed. So I went to go click on the “Email” button and it wasn’t there.


You would think someone that is constantly in the limelight would have their contact information available. The next step would be for me to send her a DM but I refused. It seemed so unprofessional to send someone a message on social media asking for their email address. It clearly wasn’t in her bio for a reason. So, I left it alone.

A week later, I received an email from Harley. I met Harley at a speaking engagement I attended back in March at UB. We exchanged business cards and he’s been inviting me to events ever since. This time, it was an invitation to the premier of the Real MUA’s OF D.C; a reality show based around a glam squad of MUA’s created and produced by nobody other than, you guessed it.

Ty Cobb!

The Look 

Black beaded bustier top: Illicit Rag Vintage $30

Black Ankle pant: Illicit Rag Vintage $14

Metallic Silver sandal: Steve Madden $25

This had to have been a sign. YES! Add my name to the list. I stopped by one of my favorite vintage boutiques, Illicit Rag Vintage and picked up this all black ensemble for less than $50. I also invited my girl Jewel to come along with me. She’s always a good time. It was a black and white tie affair by the way.


Cupcakes by Blue 9 Bakery


All the wine was gone by time we arrived – Wine provided by Bursel Black

Harley was the host of the event and he did an amazing job with keeping everything under wraps. Unfortunately, the screening didn’t happen but Ty ended up releasing episode 1 a little earlier than planned. If you missed it, check it out below. It’s hilarious yall!

The Cast:

Ty Cobb







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