Cover Talk with Claire Sulmers





There is no glamour without groundwork

– Claire Sulmers

Guess what yall?! I finally met Claire Sulmers! YES. The Claire Sulmers of FashionBombDaily, one of the top 50 influential style blogs in the world for multicultural fashion. Remember when I was featured as “The Bombshell of the Day” in 2016? I was pressed. But this time I was pressed times a thousand.

I made sure I got a photo. I’ve literally been waiting for her to come to Maryland for while so I knew I couldn’t pass up this opportunity.

Look how hard I’m smiling 😂

Stylist United was asked to assist with the spring fashion show at the WOE Magazine: Cover Talk with Claire event. Never heard of WOE Magazine?!

Go check them out here

The Creator/Editor-in-Chief, Ayo Thomas has been in the industry for awhile now but just recently started publishing Woe magazine. She and her WOE team have been working hard to help women reach their full potential and they did just that on Saturday.

We looked so cute in our all black attire

I missed the photo-op 😩

Claire was not only featured on the cover of the latest issue of WOE, but she also allowed the audience to pick her brain with questions about her life, her journey and how she does it all without looking stressed out.

Check out the digital copy here

I wanted to ask her a question but at the time, I had no idea what to ask. I was slightly starstruck and didn’t want to stumble over my words or ask a stupid question. But if I could go back in time, I would ask her…

“How do you know that what you’re doing in life is what you were mean’t to do? Like, I know that life is a journey, but how do you handle the set-backs and the let downs that get in the way you achieving your goals”? “Sometimes, I let my discouragement get the best of me and that doesn’t do anything but make matters worse”.

Claire, if you’re reading this, please answer!


As the #bts assistants, we steamed, prepped and primped each look while the models practiced their walks. We removed censors, re-tagged items and made sure the labeled looks for each model were in the right order on the rolling rack.


It was fun designing these

The event opened up with the fashion show. I swear I wanted to take home every single look! Even the guys outfits were cute! From the floral bomber and dress co-ard to the sexy, satin pajama set, I couldn’t help but to be inspired. I literally wanted everything.

Each look was styled by the fabulous Tamiko White; a style influencer and media personality with a lot of personality. She rocked the event with her Eliza J floral pleated skirt and white sleeveless lace blouse. Yassss!

 At the end of the event, Claire had a book signing! I didn’t purchase a book this time but it’s definitely on my list. In the meantime, I’ll just borrow Tonae’s 🤗

It was definitely a long day for us so we had to end it right. We stopped at PF Changs on the way home and enjoyed a drink and some apps.

Coconut mojito

Crab wontons and King Pao Dragon rolls

Overall, we had an amazing time and met some prominent people that we could possible collaborate with in the future. Yall know I’m all for a good collab!

“When women work together, great things happen”. 

The Look 

Pinstripe Satin Dress: Target

White Tee: Old Navy

Black/Silver Block Heel Sandal: JustFab

Black Choker: Forever 21

Baby Pink Wristlet: NY&Co.


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