3 Easy Ways to add Prints into your Everyday Wardrobe

So we recently showed you guys how to spice up your look with accessories but, now we’re talking prints!

Summer is coming and it’s the perfect time to rock your bold prints and colors. It’s out with the dark color palette of winter and in with the vibrant hues and fun patterns of summer.


Photog: Tyrone Wilkens Model: Ria Freeman MUA: Virginia Smith Stylist: #Sophisticatedchic

Adding prints and colors to your wardrobe may seem easy but in reality it’s a difficult task for most of us. No matter how hard we try, we always end up resorting to solids (mainly black) with the thought of wearing any type of pattern or color being intimidating. But this isn’t an excuse to avoid wearing them. There are an abundance amount of ways to work a few colors and patterns into your everyday wardrobe and we’re here to share our top three!


  1. Start off with one printed piece of clothing then gradually build up from there

Not all prints are meant to be loud. You can take a soft check or plaid top and pair it with a matching solid bottom (pictured above) or a classic pair of denim. When in doubt, wear jeans. Because they’re so versatile, it’ll be easier for you newbies to match any print or color with them.


2. Match your accessories with your printed/colored item

Even with a bold color/fun print, an outfit can STILL be boring. Take it up a notch by adding in some matching accessories. Here, we paired a vintage navy blue belt with the navy blue polka dot shorts. Matching your accessories to your printed bottoms like this, allows you to pair any color top with your look.

Style Tips:

– Match your shoes with your bottoms

– Match your bag with your belt


3. Let the print speak for itself 

Printed jumpsuits are our absolute fav way of adding some patterns and colors into a wardrobe without even thinking about. When your dress or jumpsuit is all one print, you can easily pick out one color and play around with it. This particular look can be paired with a navy blue shoe, a green purse or even a red lip.

Wearing patterns should be fun and easy, not stressful!…


Now for those of you who are familiar with prints and have already been incorporating them into your everyday wardrobe for ions, then our tips are old news to you. So since your’e a pro, have you had any success with mixing prints?

If not, check out our list of style tips on how to mix and match the right way!

Mix & Matching Prints






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