Diversifying Industry Standards | MARZ Master Class

It’s time to EDUCATE, ERADICATE and TRANSFORM the industry!

There are countless talented models in the world, but often times they’re blind to what being a model really means and what it takes to conquer the fashion industry. So, they lose weight, bleach their skin and alter their gifted beauty to fit in. Many women and men don’t realize that the sky is the limit and that they don’t have to submit to those industry standards. But unfortunately, this cut throat industry is boxed in by the capacity of a preconceived notion.


Photographer: @r.stewartphoto Model: @jasmine.nicole.williams Stylist: @tonaelee MUA: @chrissycolour

Often times we’re comparing ourselves to others through the world of media, forcing ourselves into society’s beauty standards, and creating a negative mindset that tells us that we’ll never be good enough. Models who struggle with this tend to forget the sole purpose of fashion, modeling, and the likeness of their journey.

The Marz Enterprise LLC team will serve as the liaison for all clients with a passion to create an outlet of opportunity in the fashion industry. Their core business is the management and industry development of models, photographers, designers, makeup artists and stylists.

Their goal is to revamp the fashion world by creating an inclusive environment that will not limit someone based on their gender, size, ethnicity or height. Marz will take a new approach to managing and marketing talent brands by building a network of prosperity. They plan to build a community that will use a models talents to add to the fashion industry without altering their identity. They will create a pathway for the next super model and diversify the industry.


The MARZ team will cultivate runway techniques and model call tips when educating others with the skills and preparations needed to succeed in the industry. They will help create simplistic layouts for model portfolios, electronic portfolios, and prepare composition photo cards for various castings. MARZ is also the reliable team for any project whether fashion show, production, and creative directing. They will provide an outlet for individuals to build their self-esteem and create a safe place for the next generation to thrive on the east coast to build an international platform.


Are you wondering why you aren’t receiving a call back from that model call or go see? Have you been modeling for sometime but still feel stuck? Does your runway walk need to be cleaned up?
Well, MARZ is here to help. Their master class was created to inspire, empower and guide tenured or aspiring models. They want to see you succeed in this cut throat industry even if you don’t meet the typical model standards. You don’t have to be a size 2 or 6 ft. tall in order to be successful.

What’s included:

Model Bag requirements

Model Etiquette

Portfolio Requirements

Full Runway session with critique and Etiquette

Commercial Session

Digitals *not required



Purchase your tickets here

Let’s Dream, Create, and Inspire; We vow to empower women to not fit into the standards of beauty but to create their own. We vow to educate, eradicate and transform the industry.


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