Ladies Night at the H Street Corridor




It was ladies night on Thursday at the H Street Corridor!

I was invited to FemmeFatalDC’s Pop Up Store and Launch Party as a guest blogger and was exited. I NEVER get invited to events as anything. So I was pressed to actually get dressed up and bring my camera that I ended up forgetting at home*rolls eyes*. Thank God for iphones.

This was the cutest wall

I texted my style sista, Tonae and invited her to come along with me. I knew she’d say yes. I packed a small bag the night before and brought everything with me to work. I wasn’t going to feel like going allllll the way back home to get ready so I went straight to Tonae’s house as soon as I got off.

We got to D.C at about 7:50 but didn’t actually get to the event until 8:15. We literally drove around in circles looking for a big enough parking spot. I love D.C but there is never enough places to park.

We finally made it inside of the event and was amazed to see so many girl bosses!

We say “YAS” to these yellow lashes

Who doesn’t love a female DJ?

Each and every vendor offered something unique which made the event that much more fun!

They had the coolest photo booth too! All of the accessories worn were made by Tiger Swan Style.

Thanks FemmeFataleDC for inviting us to be a part of this amazing night with some great “womyn”.

The Look

Ellen Tracy patterned silk top and matching bottom: Savers Thrift Store

Belt: Goodwill (old)

Pink Caged Heels: SRI Shoes (old)

Pink Clutch: American Apparel (old)

The theme of the event was “Mother Nature” so I initially thought “maybe I should wear something floral, long and flowy”. After thinking about my wardrobe in its entirety, I didn’t have anything like that 🤦🏾‍♀️

So I said a prayer and took a trip to the thrift store. At first, I had my eyes cut out for a floor length dress but then I saw this…for just $17! The relaxed feel of this 2 piece set was theme appropriate and extremely comfortable. The mix of colors and the simple pattern made me feel chic and on trend even though it was designed years ago. I love anything vintage!


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