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On Friday nights, we party!

Artist: Michael Drake (@handofgolds)

Lindsey Brown, the owner of ADaynJune Boutique hosted her second “Artists in the Showroom” event this past Friday and it was LIT. All the artists work that was showcased was pretty dope. Check out some of my favorite pieces below and the artists behind each masterpiece.


Artist: Tevon Elliot (@tevonelliotdesign)


Artist: @_supremetacos


Artist: Jordan Lawson (@artbyjlaw_)

Every time I visit Adaynjune, there’s always a new work of art being displayed. The orange accent wall and green plants add the perfect little touch to each and every piece. This space was designed specifically for creatives to shop, display their work and interact with each other. Lindsey does an amazing job with setting the mood and creating positive vibes only.

As a new business owner, Lindsey understands that many creatives don’t always receive the support that they deserve. So, she takes matters into her own hands and allows them to use her space as a place of virtue.

1. How did you come up with the name for your boutique?

 Lindsey: June is typically the best part of summer. The weather is nice, the flowers are blooming, and there’s just color everywhere…Also my birthday is in June! lol

2. How did you come up with the idea for “Artists in the Showroom”?

Lindsey: “Artists In The Showroom” was an idea I had soon after the grand opening of the shop. I wanted to not only promote the shop as an apparel showroom but also as a creative space. A space that could transform and be a platform for all things positive, artistic , & fun!

3. Do you feel like young, black creatives are receiving the proper amount of support in the Baltimore area?

Lindsey: I think the the art scene for young black Baltimorean’s has gotten much better over the past year or so. People are beginning to respect & appreciate art/artists which is awesome! Baltimore artists have struggled to get the proper exposure and respect for a long time. It’s definitely not gonna happen over night but I think the more we promote/praise art & our local artists by having sip & paints or events like “Artists In The Showroom”, it’ll soon get better and better everyday and artists will continue to get the support they need and deserve in order to create.

4. As a new and young business owner, where do you see ADaynJune 3 years from now?

Lindsey: 3 years from now I see ADaynJune in a 3 story building with a coffee shop/bar on the first floor, Men’s section on the second, Women’s section on top and a few in-house labels!….fingers crossed lol

If you didn’t notice, ADaynJune was where I had one of my first photo shoots. Lindsey was extremely kind when I first reached out which made the process that much easier. If you’re looking for a space to create, have a photo shoot or even just shop, be sure to contact ADaynJune!

The Look

Pinstripe Blazer: H&M

Navy Midi Dress: Asos

Lace Bralette: Forever 21

Baby Pink Adidas: DSW

Owner: Lindsey Brown



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