So Chic Sunday | Tania Cascilla

@darling_tee is So Chic

1. Where are you from and what about your hometown inspires your style?


I’m originally from Toronto, but I’ve been living in NYC for 10 years.  I think growing up in Downtown Toronto (basically like Manhattan) helped me stay up to date & fashion forward.

2. What makes your style unique?


What makes my style unique is that I don’t necessarily follow the rules. I love sneakers, so you’ll see me rock my golden goose with a dress or skirt. I love mixing styles that normally wouldn’t go together.

3. What is a fashion tip you live by?


Dress for comfort. If you don’t feel comfortable in an outfit, trust me it’s going to show & you’ll lose confidence. When you feel good, you look even better!

4. What is your favorite “go-to” outfit? product?

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My go to outfit would be boyfriend jeans and a v-neck tee, you could throw on ankle booties, heels or even cute flats depending on the season. Add a motorcycle jacket and you could wear this look essentially anywhere day or night. It’s simple, stylish, chic and says a lot without trying.  My favorite item would be a pair of golden goose sneakers.

5. How do you stay motivated?


Living in NYC keeps me motivated, there is so much inspiration surrounding you here. Also with it being a tough city & extremely expensive, I think that keeps you on your toes. You have to stay on your grind & focus or you’ll be right back where you came from in no time lol.

6. What is your key to success?


I would definitely say my key to success is staying true to yourself. One thing I’ve never done was follow the crowd. Don’t worry about what everyone is doing or what everyone else has. Keep a tunnel vision & focus on yourself, you’ll get to where you want/need to be. Also be wary of the company you surround yourself with. Keep positive, like minded individuals around you who will keep you focused & motivated.  

7. What is something that you know now, that you wish you knew a few years back?


Exercise patience and trust God’s timing. My mother would always say every disappointment is a blessing. I didn’t believe/understand that when I was younger but over time I’ve realized that’s 100% accurate. Sometimes things don’t work out, because greater opportunities are on the horizon.

8. What can we expect from you within the next couple of years?


Owning my own boutique, but not necessarily clothes 😉

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