So Chic Sunday | Krystal Benson

@_inspiredbykrys is So Chic

1. Where are you from and what about your hometown inspires your style?


I am from Charlotte, NC born and raised. If you know anything about Charlotte, you know the city has definitely grown over the years and is continuing to get even better. I can say that I try and use that same mindset when it comes to my style. I love trying new things and keeping people guessing for what is next.

2. What makes your style unique?


To me, I think it’s my confidence that makes my style unique. Everything I wear, regardless of how popular it is or how expensive it is, I rock as if I’m on the runway at fashion week. Confidence is everything people, remember that!

3. What is a fashion tip you live by?

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Wear what you want, especially if you bought it!

4. What is your favorite “go-to” outfit? product?


All black is my favorite go to. It’s sleek, yet edgy and super chill. My go to product would have to be a pair of black combat boots that I actually got from Citi Trends for free while I worked for their corporate office. They are super comfortable and can practically go with anything.

5. How do you stay motivated?


The main thing that keeps me motivated and pushing to reach my dreams is my mother. Growing up in a single parent household, I saw my mother work hard to provide for my sister and I. She worked long hours doing something she didn’t enjoy and she was never really able to enjoy life. Seeing her struggle was motivation enough. I vowed to never give up and to always fight for what I want in life. Of course, great things don’t come easy, but to me the journey is the fun part. God has some amazing things in store for me and I know the best is yet to come!

6. What is your key to success?


My key to success is hard work, determination and God!

7. What is something that you know now, that you wish you knew a few years back?

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I wish I would’ve known how important it is to attend a university based on what they can offer you in the long run instead of going just because your friends are. If I could do college over, I would.. at a different school!

8. What can we expect from you within the next couple of years?


In the next couple of years I hope to be in New York working as an Editorial Stylist for a few major magazines. I also hope to have my women’s apparel brand, 91+N, reaching a larger market.

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