Shoptagr | A Bargain Shopper’s Secret

Thank God for technology!

Did you guys know that there is a website/app that notifies you when your favorite items go on sale?

It’s okay…I didn’t know either until now.



Shoptagr is an online portal that allows users to save their favorite items from various websites to a list and simply notifies them when that item goes on sale or is back in stock!

How is this possible? See the magic happen below…

Step 1: Browse all your favorite online sites like you normally do

Step 2: Adding all your favorite things to your cart but arent ready to buy it yet? Not a porblem! Save those items to your Shoptagr wish list for later.

Step 3: And that’s it! You’ll automatically be notified when you items go on sale, are back in stok or when they’re about to sell out.

I’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…literally!

With the holidays quickly approaching, Shoptagr is the best resource to use when doing your Christmas shopping online. Stop wasting your time and money standing in those long lines for those same items you can get online and for half the price.


Save it now and shop it later with Shoptagr


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