So Chic Sundays| Amiraa Vee

Amiraa Vee is so chic

1. What makes your style unique?


Amiraa: “I just have a way that I wear my looks, it’s an aura that is created and cannot be duplicated.”

2. Who or what inspires your style?


Amiraa: “The weather, my mood, music and art.”

3. What is a fashion tip you live by?


Amiraa: “Fall/Winter layering!”

4. What is your favorite “go-to” outfit? Product?


Amiraa: “I don’t have a “go-to”. There is always a switch up. But I do always have shades on.”

5. How do you stay motivated?


Amiraa: “I keep myself motivated. I have a burning desire to be successful, therefore I am always finding new ways to create what works for me.”

6. What is your key to success?


Amiraa: “Consistency.”

7. What is something that you know now, that you wish you knew a few years back?


Amiraa: “I wish I started building my brand years ago, but I learned to trust the timing of my life so I don’t have any regrets.”

8. What can we expect from you within the next couple of years?


Amiraa: “You will just have to stay close by and see. AV is on the rise.”

If you love all of these looks as much as I do, follow Amiraa on:

IG: amiraavee

Twitter: @amiraavee


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