Kashion presents “Styled by Influence Fashion Show”| My favorite artists


I was invited to what I thought would be just a fashion show, but when we arrived, we were pleasantly surprised…

There was singing, poetry, spoken word and even art. Amazing art designs that I’ve never seen before. And to top it off, all of these talented artists, poets and singers were under the age of 25

Newviee by Claudia


IG: @Newviee

DWHPP by Dymond Whipper-Young

Sculptor. Painter. Drawer

Email: Dyymondwy@gmail.com


Donovan Jones aka The DonLeeBoy

Poet. Spoken Word Artist. Rapper


IG: TheDonLeeBoy

I’m really glad I could attend this event. I met a lot of great people that I could potentially work with in the future. Our generation is filled with talented individuals who do so many great things and I am very blessed to be apart of it!

Other designers featured:

  • Daft!
  • Qui Piece
  • Egyppt
  • Wasted Youth
  • Illicit Rag Vintage
  • Nudxty


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